Monday, January 25, 2010

The Culprit

David has fished out our washingmachine friend:

For the last week my washing machine has been flooding the basement. David took the whole thing apart and found this. I think it is a wrapper from a Hershey's Kiss. It was causing the water to pour out the machine. It is a front loader, which caused particular alarm. It is 10 years old, so who knows when its time is up. However, with our current economic situation, I want to keep this one running as long as possible. Yay David!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

4 In the morning

Something happens outside at 4 in the morning. I don't know what it is. Since we moved into this house Blu has awoken us at the same time. It was extremely frustrating. Now Carter wakes up at 4 in the morning as well. He will often times wake the dogs up. I would have thought it was just the baby if it wasn't for a year of the dog doing it as well. I have no idea how to figure out what is going on. Most of the time I cannot get him back to bed without feeding him. I don't want to create a habit, but I don't think it is his fault. I think something is waking him up. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 11, 2010

New flash.

David got a new flash for Christmas. I tried it out today.

Here is his sweet air guitar:

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I feel bad that I don't have any pictures of a happy Lydia. I have to admit, I see those moments so briefly. I had Lydia's mom send me a couple pictures. She is such a pretty girl. I figured that with all the crying pictures I have taken, I should put up a couple of her happy side:

This was her Sunday dress last week:

Here she is in her Bumbo making a cute grumpy face:

And now she is looking inocent like she was never grumpy at all:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Subaru Boy

A guy on David's Subaru message board sent us this outfit. It fits perfectly, the had the bib, and the outfit. Carter and I had fun taking pictures in it.

4 Months Old

Carter had his 4 month doctor appointment on Monday. He weighs in at 14 lbs 15 oz, and 25 inches long. He has finally reached the 50th percentile for his weight and height. He is an average baby. Except in head size. He is in the 12th percentile for head size. I think he looks a little more proportionate that way.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Carter's First Car

Santa brought Carter a car for Christmas. He still has trouble holding his head up, but he seemed to really like it. The first time he sat in it, he smashed his head into the steering wheel. The hood comes off to reveal a tray table for toys and food. It was the most simple walker I've ever seen. Which is why we picked that one. He already had too much stuff, but now he has a walker too.