Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well, put it away....

I was looking for Carter, and couldn't find him. I called his name. He replies: I'm in my room, but you can't come in because I'm naked. I have my penis out. Nobody else is here, so I can have my penis out." He was trying to dress up in his costumes, and we have a very strict Keep-Your-Clothes-On-When-You-Wear-Costumes rule in our house, so we aren't getting naked in front of our friends. Well, someone understood the meaning behind the rule...

Beckett fell asleep in the car and Carter starts to sing very loudly. Before I could ask him to be quiet, he stops singing and says "My quiet voice ran away. I don't know where it went. So, I don't know how to be quiet, since it ran away. So, I just have to sing really loud."

Funny kid.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Carter's reading has really taken off. David randomly asked Carter what "C-O-W" spelled. Carter thinks about it in his head. I asked him to sound it out so we could figure it out together. He looks up at me and shouts "MOO! I mean, Cow!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can you sleep like that?

I was using a Moby Wrap to Carry Beckett. The Moby is only good to carry up to a certain weight of child. Beckett has surpassed that weight. In other news, he surpassed the weight limit on our infant carrier a couple months ago, and has switched to his convertible seat already!!

Now I carry Beckett in the Ergo. It is surprisingly comfortable, and has support in my shoulders and in my hips. I have even carried Carter in it (on my back, while pregnant). It was not a challenge at all!

I had to do some working, and couldn't be constantly bending over with Beckett on my front. I put him on my back, and he fell asleep. It looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE, but he slept for an hour or so like this!