Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Book

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Elmer or Ethel?

David and I really liked having an in-utero name for Carter - "Vern". Vern was David's grandfather's name, and it really seemed to fit. 

We have been discussing new names for a couple months. I want to know what you think, or if you have any better ideas - PLEASE!

 "Elmer" had been passed down for many generations on David's dad side of the family. David's great-aunt said to me last week: "Name him anything, but please don't name him Elmer." I figured if it was his in-utero name, it was pretty safe we wouldn't go with it. 

Ethel just seemed like a good old lady name. David wanted "Elsie" because he has a grandma Elsie and a great-great grandma Elsie on his dad's side. I vetoed that because I didn't want his grandmother, who is living, to think that we were really going to name a baby Elsie when we weren't planning on it. 

We are not set on either one of these yet, so we really need ideas. I know this is horrible, but I have been scanning the obituaries for a good little-old-man/lady name that fits. We just need a name that we are not going to use, but is fun to call an unborn baby.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A day in the life

Today was one of those days that I was expecting as a stay-at-home mom. I had always hoped that I could deviate from schedule (Any of you who know me, know that my schedule is very important to me.) I am not a Nazi about my schedule, but I like to have things on the calendar so we don't fill up our days doing nothing.

This morning we were going to go to the park with friends, but it was raining. I decided to run a quick errand into Seattle instead. While we were there, I realized that we were not far off from the zoo and the boat locks. I gave Carter the choice, and he chose the boats. (Although on the way home, he really wanted to go to the zoo too.)

We had a lot of fun. Carter watched the boats come in and out. He sat watching for an hour! Wish I could get that kind of attention span at home! We saw this boat:

Carter was very interested in what all the boat's names were. This captain sat and talked with us while he was going up, and waiting to go out. He was very nice. It is a wooden boat, built back in 1929 and restored in 2000. You can see more pictures here:

On the way home (and the drive up), Carter shouted out a few vehicles. He has been very excited every time he sees a Subaru, saying: "THAT'S A SUBARU, JUST LIKE MY DADDY DRIVES A SUBARU!!"

He says the same about Saturns, except he inserts "YOU" instead of "MY DADDY".

On Saturday, he started shouting a new one:

He calls them Mickeys. It is one of those little kid things that I know he'll grow out of pretty quick, but it is so cute. I have to say "Yeah, that is a Mini, you are right." to correct him though.

He finally stopped calling his toes "Towees". I call them "Towees" and he corrects me. Sad. He is growing up so much in his language.

Slow down kid!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The things he says!

Daddy and Carter went on a mini road trip last night to pick up some car parts. On the way back, Carter let him know that he had to potty. David pulled over at the first place he could - Dairy Queen. After they were finished in the bathroom Carter says:

"We should get some food to eat at the restaurant."

Daddy says:

"I don't think there is anything here you can eat."
Carter says:

"It's okay Daddy, I can eat french fries."

That logic was so persuasive that Daddy bought him french fries.

Speaking of Carter asking to go potty - Carter has seemed to finally bounce back from his regression. He hasn't had an accident in 2 days, and he is more than willing to go and tell us when he needs to go!!! He is also waking up dry again. Yay!!

We have switched over to Christmas music. I heard Carter in the back seat singing "Sure am glad I quit the hard drugs." (from his Old Hippie song). He loves that song, but I just think 2 is a little young to be singing about that. So, we moved onto Christmas. It was very difficult to switch. He didn't want to hear anything else.

As a parent I find myself saying "we" a lot when referring to something that he needs to do. For example, in the morning I will tell him "We have to finish our oatmeal before we get down and play." He will correct me "No, you are not eating oatmeal. Only me". He is quick to correct me when I say "we" are doing something when only he is doing it.

This morning he tells me "We need to go to the donut shop so you can get a donut and I can get a candy." The lady at our donut shop always has a candy for him. He thinks it is the greatest place on earth. If I wasn't so sick, we might not go as often.

Carter has a little hero worship going on with an older boy at church. He thinks he is so cool. His name is Ben. Ben's mom invites us to all of his sports. He is now in track. We went to his track meet today and he ran pretty hard. Carter was so excited to watch. When we got home the doggies were barking at the neighbor. I was calling them to come in and Carter says to me "No, you only yell for Ben, not at doggies!"