Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

It is hard to believe that this is David's 4th Father's Day. Carter is 3, Beckett is 6 months.

So, what do you do on Father's day with your kid. Play hide & seek of course:

David took Carter on a Father/Son camp-out at Ensign Ranch Friday night. They had a blast. It was Carter's first camp-out in his remembrance.  I had guys at church come up to me today telling me that Carter had come up to them and asked them if they were going to put up their "fort" next to his. All was well, until they announced the organized games. 

Carter does not like games. At birthday parties, preschool, and at church - Carter ALWAYS chooses to sit on the sidelines and watch. I think he is embarrassed to make a fool out of himself. 

So, they announce games, and Carter runs to the car. He jumps in, buckles himself in the car seat, and says "Let's go". He WOULD NOT get out of the car. David loaded it up, and they left.