Saturday, July 27, 2013


Carter has always been well spoken. We have had two conversations lately that have really challenged us.

Carter has frequent growing pains. They are all between the hours of 12 and 2 AM. Although he can talk quite well for only being 3, he still cannot put some things into appropriate words. He describes the pain in his legs by saying "My legs are bending". He also HATES medicine. I bought chewable Tylenol and called them "Sick Vitamins". He will reluctantly take them, but it takes some convincing. This last time, he refused, siting that all he needed was for me to kiss it. After I kissed it, he started SCREAMING. He was more angry than in pain. It didn't work. I felt so bad for him. We again insisted that he take the sick vitamins. No go. This time, all he needed was a hug from me. Again with the screaming. I tried to explain to him that things would be better when he took the vitamins. He refuted modern medicine and explained to me that Jesus would heal him. Jesus healed the blind man, and Jesus would heal his legs. He was absolutely sure of it.

Carter has been dry for a long time, he started staying dry at night in April. He started having accidents at night recently. In order for him to get a better night's sleep, we put him back in diapers at night. Poor kid was cleaning it up, hiding the evidence, and not telling us. I was finding peed on things days later. Bad news. Tonight as David was putting a diaper on Carter he had the following conversation:

C: I can pee in my diaper
D: No, you cannot
C: But, we pee in diapers
D: You still need a diaper because you still have accidents at night.
C: I can pee in the diaper, because the goal is not to pee in our underwear.
D: No, the goal is to not pee in your diaper, so you can wear only underwear to bed
C: (Shaking his pointer finger at David) Wait a minute, Wait a minute,Wait a minute! So, if I'm not supposed to potty in my diaper.... That's a silly question.

Kid has a good point.

Trying to get pictures of all 3 boys looking at me and smiling is a joke!!

I took these in the yard a couple weeks ago.

This one is the best. I really like it.

I ended up just cropping Beckett out of one, and calling it a day.

Summer Time

I am sorry for leaving such a gap in my blog. It gets too hot in my office to sit at the computer in the summer time. High 80s to mid 90s is too hot for me to be typing, much less doing anything. It is the hottest part of my room & therefore avoided. So much to catch up on!!!!