Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crossing the river with a chicken, a fox, and a bag of grain...

A farmer is standing on one bank of a river, with a fox, a chicken, and a bag of grain. He needs to get to the other side of the river, taking the fox, the chicken, and the grain with him.

However, the boat used to cross the river is only large enough to carry the farmer and one of the things he needs to take with him, so he will need to make several trips in order to get everything across.

In addition, he cannot leave the fox unattended with the chicken, or else the fox will eat the chicken; and he cannot leave the chicken unattended with the grain, or else the chicken will eat the grain. The fox is not particularly partial to grain, and may be left alone with it.

How can he get everything across the river without anything being eaten?

Find the answer here:

This is how I feel every day when I have to load the car. Except, in my scenario I have a 4 year old boy, a one year old boy, and our supplies for the trip (diaper bag, snacks, water, purse, library books, item to return to the store, ect....). 

Last week, I left them both in the house - loading the supplies first. While I was gone, Beckett worked his way in my room and tripped. Carter hearing him cry, opened the door to check on him. Unfortunately, Beckett"s hands were on the floor, in front of the door. The door opened over his hands, ripping one of his fingernails completely back and another back far enough that he will likely lose it too (Gruesome pictures at the bottom). I came back in just as this was happening. By the time I ran out the door, I was 15 minutes late for my doctor's appointment  and I was covered in blood. Thinking we could still make it in time, I didn't change. Half-way into our hour drive to the doctor I called them to let them know I was running late, and they let me know not to bother coming any further. After spending another 15 minutes trying to get out of traffic and getting lost while trying to turn around, I gave up altogether. We stopped at the store, where I bought myself some chocolate, and proceeded to the park.

This week, I decided to load the boys first. They were fastened securely in their seats and could not get into trouble right? Wrong. Carter can now unbuckle himself all the way. He got bored waiting for me to use the bathroom and load everything that was needed. He climbed up into the front seat and set off the alarm. In my panic get off the toilet, sooth the kids, calm the neighbor, and stop the alarm - I couldn't remember where my keys were. So, I couldn't shut the alarm off quickly. I ended up spending an extra couple minutes searching for my spare and using it to shut the alarm off. Then, another couple minutes searching for my keys - which were by the door....

I have not figured out the answer to my riddle. I know it will only get more difficult when the third comes right?

Friday, May 30, 2014

First Job

Carter got his first job today.

We were shopping at a store that I shop at once a month. It is like a big rummage sale, where everything costs 25 cents. Normally he goes and plays with all the toys, makes some friends, and has a great time. 

Today, however, he asked if he could buy something with his own money. We agreed that he could buy 4 items, spending $1.10 after tax. He quickly found his items and ran to the cash register. I told him that he had to wait for me to finish shopping. Meanwhile, he found more things he wanted. 

The clerk, Tasha, noticed that his pile near the register was growing larger and larger. She offered him some "quarters" to cover his accumulated items if he helped her clean up. He cleaned with her for about 20 minutes. First, she had him gather all the hangars from the floor. Then, she had him grab the clothes that she raked into piles and throw them back onto the tables (yes, it is THAT kind of rummage sale). After that, he helped her pick up toys and put them into the wire racks. Lastly, she had him sort the broken toys and throw them into a garbage bag with her.

At one point, he recruited a girl who was playing on the floor to work under him. He did not pay her. 

Tasha basically agreed to give him his entire pile for free. I took out a couple things that we didn't really need (Like a 2T shirt and some 18 month shorts that had his favorite character on them), but let him keep the empty Lightning McQueen cardboard box and the broken/missing pieces Nerf shooter gun. He had 13 items at the end, which meant he earned $3.56. 

I hope he he gets a taste for what hard work will get you.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Falling Fish

A fish fell from the sky Sunday. I guess that is what happens when you live 1000 feet from the lake. It was crazy!

Sorry, the pictures are kind of graphic. I wish I could have done something to save him, but there was no way I could run him all the way down to the lake after he'd been out for so long. He was a goner when that bird picked him up.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Girly Things

So, it seems that I will be moving these pictures out of my "To be sold on Craigslist" folder, and putting them into a different folder. 

We had our ultrasound, but I felt it was inconclusive. The umbilical cord was in the way the entire time. The tech swore she saw "Three Lines". However, I did not see what she was talking about, and she couldn't point it out to me. 

I begged the doctor at my last visit to do a quick ultrasound with their portable machine. He felt sorry for me because he was running an hour late, and I had been waiting with both boys, and so he agreed. However, I could see that he was very hesitant. 

We looked up baby's back and saw right through the legs to the umbilical cord. I saw nothing between me and the cord. I am okay calling it at this point.

We're having a girl.

There is always that room for error, but I can breathe a huge sigh of relief now - at least feeling more confident.

And her in-utero name:


Sadly, she will not be able to use this cute girly bedding for quite a while, as Beckett is still using the crib. He is a far cry away from using a toddler bed....