Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fructose Malabsorbtion - Thank goodness not.

Our doctor sent us to the children's hospital for testing for a fructose malabsorbtion issue. His issues are very similar to the lactose malabsorbtion we already know he has. Daddy took the day off to come with us.

The test required that he fast for 10 hours. Then he had to drink a straight fructose drink. Every 30 minutes after that, he had to blow into a bag. They tested the levels of fructose in his breath. He did so well!! They were very impressed at his ability to sit in the waiting room for 3 hours with no food or new toys. They did not have a DVD player, or kid distractions at all. The day before his testing, a friend of mine expressed concern that we were going to be there for 3 hours without a movie. We don't watch movies at home, and I feel like I entertain him just fine during the day. However, I realized that I have more at my disposal at home that I would sitting in a hospital laboratory waiting room. So we took her offer of a DVD player. Thank goodness, because my toys got boring quickly.

Near the end they came out and told us his levels were getting really high, but had not quite hit the mark of diagnosis. They are only able to test for 3 hours, and we were getting pretty close to the end of our time. On the last test, his levels dropped down dramatically. It was a big relief to me, mostly because I wanted an accurate result. If they had not dropped, I would have wondered if we had just tried one more time, would they have hit the mark.

After the test, we thought we would treat him to a trip to the zoo. We passed by a playground near where we parked. The entire time we walked around, he was asking to go play on the playground. Silly kid.

You may be asking, "Why the drop in postings Lisa? You have been so active on your blog?". Well, I'm still struggling with our computer crash. David has not put everything back to normal. Every picture that I save to the computer could potentially be lost when he does that. So, I have been trying not to put anything on the computer. Which means very few pictures for you guys. Blog posts are just no fun without pictures. I can save pictures to blogger directly from my camera card, however, if they need to be rotated I am out of luck. So, I wait. Sorry to disappoint.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun stuff

Wow, did I fall off the face of the planet or what? Between reading the Hunger Games series (trying to cram it in before the movie and then realizing that you cannot read just one book of a series without having the next book handy - big mistake - Thank you Bethany) and the computer crash, I have been unavailable. When we finally got the computer to a spot where we can limp along, I had a few hundred new emails.

New stuff on Carter:

He has finally returned "See you later Alligator" with "After a while Crocodile". He hears Mommy and Daddy say it all the time. Now he says it too. For the longest time he was saying "Bye Bye Alligator".

Daddy put him to bed while I was out at a late evening meeting. Apparently he threw a big fit. Crying and carrying on is just not like him at bed time. David went in and tried to calm him down. Carter told him "I want my Mommy. My Mommy will let me out because my Mommy wants me to be happy." Mommy is not going to put your "happiness" over her own quiet time at the end of the day buddy. Sorry to burst your bubble.

We don't watch Sesame Street, but my mother cross-stitched the street gang when she was in high school and it hangs above the changing table. We just call them monsters. They are fun looking and not the least bit intimidating. He has a pretty positive outlook on monsters because of it. For some reason he has been saying: "The Monsters are in a scary place." I don't know why. He expounded on it a couple days ago when he told me "The Monsters are in a scary place, and that makes sense because you put them there. But you didn't." Yeah, I did, but I didn't.

Yesterday we were playing tow trucks in the hallway when he moved his hat like this:

He thought he was so funny. Then he held up these guys for me to see. He was mimicking them!!

The man with the cup was driving the tow truck when all of the sudden he realized that he needed his mommy. Carter went and found his mommy for him. She looks like she was on a hike (with a squirrel to keep her company). She gave him a hug and kisses and said she loved him sooooo much.

I am so glad my child is color blind. I see so many who fail to love someone over something as trivial as the clothes they wear or the color of their skin.

Today we went to Northwest Trek with Lydia - who is here for a visit. They bought a membership, and figured they'd use it on one of the only sunny days we have since they were here.
They had more fun swinging on the rail than anything else. Forget the animals, this is way more fun.

After Northwest Trek, we went to a birthday party. We were there for almost 3 hours. Carter had so much fun playing with all the girls. He fell asleep in the car and then continued to sleep until 6! He was worn out.
Despite being in the car for 3 hours and going so many fun places with so many friends - Carter did not have one singe accident!! He has been doing great when we are out an about. I really think he just likes trying out public restrooms.