Monday, August 31, 2009

Subaru Show

Every year, there is a Subaru show. I think I mentioned it earlier. David has gone for quite a few years. I have been to the last two, but only stayed the night at last year's. We go, camp, and have a lot of fun. This year was no different. Except I didn't get a picture at the end like we did last year. David was great, even though he was part of the staff, he still checked on me often. He made sure I was not doing a lot of running around, and I stayed off my feet the whole time. I was getting ready to climb in the tent for the night when . . . GOOSH. My water broke. 10:10 PM. David threw everything in the car.

We headed out for the "nearest" hospital. I called our INS - because they make the decisions on where I go. They gave me the address to a hospital that was over 40 miles away. When I asked them why they sent me so far away, when there are closer hospitals, they told me they were contracted with that hospital. I asked if they were concerned about the safety of going so far out of the way. The "nurse" on the phone asked me if I had the urge to push. I did not. She asked me if I had body parts hanging out of me. I said no. She said I'd be fine.

On we went to a hospital just outside of Beaverton. They checked me out and admited me. They explained that we were 5 and a 1/2 weeks early and the baby would have to spend a week in the NICU at least. However, they could only keep me for 2 days and would have to send me home. I told them that I wanted to go home. I was not in labor, and I wanted to go home. The nurse said that was not a good idea. Later the doctor came in and explained to me that if anyone could go home, I would be a good candidate. She called my insurance and about 4 hours later they called her back. They agreed to send an ambulance out to take me home. I had THE greatest EMTs. Ben and Chad.

They were my buddies for 4 hours. They even offered to swing through the drive through at McDonalds if I was hungry. We ended up stopping at Starbucks so I could pee.

I rode by ambulance to just north of Seattle to Overlake. I am not in labor. However, they want me to stay here until I have this kid. I am willing to do that, as his chances are better the longer I am pregnant.

I never made it to the birthing class. I didn't have a bagged packed. My house is still a construction site. I haven't washed any of the baby's clothes yet. However, nothing I have will fit a baby this small anyway.

The plan was to do this naturally at a birthing center. Not going to happen now. I heard the lady down the hall screaming in agony. The nurse came in and told me THAT is what a natural child birth sounds like. I am back to where I began - wanting to not have this baby.

Best Husband = Best Baby Room

I have The most wonderful husband. While I was in Arizona, he took it upon himself to DO they baby room. He started with a pink uninsulated room lined with almost cardboard for walls. He created this. He rewired the electrical and added a dimmer switch. He opened the closet so I could use it. I picked out the bottom color from my friend Chai's baby's room, and David surprised me with finding a color that coordinated well. The border between the two colors is cork board, so our little guy can hang his pictures on the wall. The floor was the original hardwood, and it was really soft with large gaps. It was very difficult to keep clean. David put a laminate wood-like Cherry floor down over it. It looks beautiful. He continued it on through the entire house. I don't know how he moved all the furniture (Including the Piano and his 12 ton banker's desk) all by his self, but he put everything back to it's original place over the new floor. I am in awe of what he can do. There is so much that went into this room and the floor, that I cannot even imagine how much work it took him. I was only gone for 6 days!!

Thanks to Wes and Penny Douglas for the furniture. They have been a great help!! And to Rachel for helping me navigate through all this.

Arizona Trip

So, most people say it is dangerous to fly when you are pregnant. I have been having a pretty easy time, so I didn't think it was that big of a deal to fly at 33 weeks pregnant. Nobody asked. None of the flight crew questioned my maternity. It all went well.

I had a fun time. My family threw me a baby shower. My friends came and we all got to visit. I have two friends that are pregnant down there - Carly and Paige. They are both 3 weeks further along than I am.

Jordan and Caroline (my brother and sister) both had birthdays within 3 days of eachother, and I got to be there for their birthday party.

Not much else to say between last time I posted, this pregnancy has been pretty easy on me.