Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Day in History to Note

It was this day in my pregnancy that Baby Vern was born. So, Baby Elmer is approximately 5 lbs 6 oz, and hopefully healthy. 

Sibling Preparation

Carter took a class about being a big brother. I don't know how much he learned, but I learned that he is a pro at changing diapers! He didn't need any help, and he even remembered to wipe, despite the fact that there were no wipes available. He got the diaper on and off with very few problems. Lets just hope he does not try to do this on his own with a real baby.

He came home learning some interesting things. He remembers the umbilical cord, although in his memory it was a "REALLY LONG PENIS". He knew that the umbilical cord turns into a belly button, thankfully. He also has begun telling me that he has special milk to feed the new baby. He told me last night "It comes from circles on my belly." Then he proceeded to pull his shirt up to shop me his nipples. I am hoping that he doesn't attempt to feed the baby in the middle of the night too.

We have our plan all set up for what to do when Baby Elmer comes. He will go play with his friend Andrew and Emma. We even have a back up just in case they are at the babysitter or out of town. Last week he went to play with Andrew and Emma while the adults went out to dinner. He was convinced the next morning that I had the baby!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A 3 year old that wants to play the Cello???

Carter has a new desire - he wants to play Cello. He talks about it all the time. We sit down as a family. Daddy and I are both assigned instruments and Carter will play Cello. We really enjoy being part of his band. It is a fun family activity. Carter will also have us all sit down for dinner too. He makes all sorts of fun concoctions. However, the band is his preferred family activity.

He was obsessed with the guitar. My cousin Michelle got him this guitar for his birthday - which is pretty cool because it only has 4 strings like Caspar Babypants' guitar (as Carter pointed out when he opened it). However, it is now a Cello, and his harmonica is his bow. 

I think his new found love of the Cello was inspired by The Piano Guys.

Carter likes how versatile the Cello is - it can be played like a violin, a fiddle, a guitar, and a drum. Of course you can play soccer and volleyball with it (see Me and My Cello) - who wouldn't love to do that with a musical instrument??? That is Carter's biggest hangup with musical instruments - there are no balls.

This video just makes the Cello look fun:

This is his favorite video though:

I have never known a 3 year old to be into classical music. He will ask to listen to it, even if he can't watch the videos. I highly encourage you to take some time and watch their art with the piano and Cello. It is truly amazing. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today in history

Today, I am 243 days into my pregnancy. Maybe not significant to anyone else.

This picture was taken exactly 5 hours and 30 minutes before my water broke - 243 days into my pregnancy.

We were camping in Stevenson, Washington at David's Subaru show. I had just gone to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. I was walking back to the tent when I got stopped talking with a group of guys. David had not yet returned from his bathroom trip. It was 10:10 PM and I felt a huge gush of wetness. Immediately my pants and socks were soaked. I quietly excused myself, knowing that nobody in that circle knew what happened, or could see anything different. I went to find David to let him know that we might have to leave. I wanted to stay for breakfast, but knew we had a long drive home and we might not have a lot of time to get there. Knowing what I know now (That we would sit in the hospital for 7 days and 10 minutes before we actually had a baby), I may have stayed for breakfast before we left. 

Not the greatest picture, but the only one I have of this event.

Just breathing a sigh of relief that I made it this far, and hoping I make it the rest of the way!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

How to get a black eye.

David got a flat tire on our way to the mall last week. We have AAA, so it was no big deal. It was the third time (albeit a different car) that David had his car towed in the last month. We use the heck out of our membership. The tow truck driver was really cool, he had Carter move all the levers and put Daddy's car up on the bed of the truck. He was on cloud 9. Of course I left my camera at home. 

David ordered new tires for his car and put them on at home. Carter got to be Daddy's special helper to put the wheels and tires back on the wagon. Unfortunately, Carter walked right into the handle of the floor jack as David was putting the car up. He got slammed in the eye with the steel bar. He cried so loud!!! Then it was over. David asked him if he wanted to move the handle up and down to put the car up and he was over being hurt and ready to help.

This is the best picture we could get. He was not very helpful at closing his eye for pictures, so we had to wait for him to fall asleep. 

I have noticed that he would make the cutest little girl with eye shadow on.


After one of Carter's tests at the hospital this summer, we stopped and went bowling. I planned it out so that Daddy could be there. Carter had a blast! We went with some friends, which made it all the more special.


Carter beat both David & I by A LOT! He is a much better bowler than either of us apparently. And for a while, he was doing considerably better than his friends too. David said of course he did so well - he had a ramp and bumpers. But I say - so did his friends!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This is the 3rd year we have gone to the same pumpkin patch. 

We went on THE LAST dry day of the season. Unfortunately, David got off work later than expected, and they closed earlier than I expected. So, we got there 2 minutes after they closed. They let us walk around and take pictures, but we couldn't play the duck races or see the animals (Carter doesn't like the animals anyway.). 

For comparison to last year's pictures go here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where has summer gone?

We did so many fun things this summer. I was too busy to post about them. I am going to attempt to catch up a little at a time. Like I did last year I guess. 

First I wanted to compare some events that we did last year:

Low Tide. We again went to the beach on the lowest tide of the summer. This year, we included it in our church playgroup calendar - which I am in charge of. We did a lot of fun things with our playgroup friends, and this was one of my favorite:


Strawberry Festival. That one didn't turn out so well this year. It POURED. It was so warm last year... We still got our strawberries though. This year we brought friends. That made it more fun.


Kid's Day was also rained out this year. We stayed through it all, and really tried to enjoy it. 


We did so many more things. I will update them later as I have time. It is so fun to see how much he has grown!!