Friday, August 17, 2018

We are rich!

 Carter convinced me to buy the 64 pack of crayons this year for school. He asked me for a crayon pack with a sharpener, he went to an employee and asked which ones had a sharpener, and he tracked them down. It was only $2 more than the 24 pack and I had spent a lot of time gathering what we still had from last year, and shopping the best sales, so I figured why not.

I remember my parents refusing to buy the 64 pack. They were more expensive than the 24 pack.

So, here we are buying something I thought only rich people could afford. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Growing up

This boy is growing up SO fast. He is only 8, but he is already bragging about arm pit stench and hair growing where it has never grown.

This morning, he set an alarm for himself, got up, brushed his teeth, dressed, ate breakfast, and packed his lunch (albeit a can of orange soda and a popsicle in a gallon Ziploc bag with ice packs) all on his own in preparation for cub scout camp.

Where did the time go?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Time Out Anthem

Today, Beckett and Roslyn got into a fight. Music was playing, and they got into an argument over the song. Roslyn wanted the next song, and Beckett wanted to keep listening. She skipped the song, and a fight ensued. Someone unplugged it and hid it. Then, there was name calling, and finally crying. It happened so fast, I wasn’t able to step in until the crying part. Beckett went to time-out because he used potty words in his name calling.

He thought he was in time-out for unplugging and hiding the music. The two of them were yelling back and forth about who did it. I tried to separate them and explain why he was in time-out again. They yelled over me.

Beckett then began to sing loudly, the 2nd Article of Faith for our church:

“We believe that man will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam’s transgressions.”

Beckett knows what it means, because we have discussed it as a family – but he does not know what all the words are. Unfortunately, it comes out:

“We believe that man will be punished for their own sins and not for auto transmissions.”

I tried to get a video, but it didn’t work with all the screaming.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Beckett is very musical. He has a knack for tune and can memorize a song very quickly. I heard him in the back yard today singing and had to go out and watch. I convinced him to do a reenactment for me so you all could see. He had to yell because I couldn't hear him well:


He is modeling a video we watched recently. I said he was in the same place they were and he moved the same times the other kids did. He might be a dancer some day…

Monday, February 20, 2017

A girl and her dog

I was putting laundry in and I overheard this conversation with Roslyn and Vortex.

Roslyn: "Vortex, there's a bugg-y on the slide"
Vortex: Listening
Roslyn; "I need him ta go away."
Vortex: Listening

There was a tiny little gnat floating around the slide. He moved on when I approached. Roslyn needed help, and the first person she turned to was her dog. Too bad vortex too afraid of Carter playing basketball by the slide to go help her.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


My brother is in the Philippines, serving a mission for our church. He is gone for 2 years. My kids love him. I miss him a lot. They miss him a lot.

Carter came home yesterday, very excited that there is a boy in his class that speaks Tagalog in his home. He had his friend teach him some phrases. He came home to write Uncle Jordan a letter. He needed to fill in the gaps, so he asked me to use Google Translate. He discovered that when he didn't know how to spell a word correctly - Google would offer him suggestions.

From what I know of Tagalog, things need to be conjugated and the word itself changes based on the context - so this probably doesn't make any sense. It is supposed to say:

“Dear Jordan.

You are fast. Do you have a Book of Mormon? What is your companion’s name? Do you have a temple there?

I love you,



I can’t make out the last two words under the date. He doesn’t remember. I Google Translated it myself and it reads “Expensive Kite”

I am mailing it off tomorrow. He is so proud of himself. I am proud of his effort.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Carter, Beckett, and Roslyn are growing so much. No matter how I try to bribe them, they just keep at it. Every time I mention that I want them to slow down, they start eating and sleeping more – and in turn, growing faster.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Lisa, where have you been?

Once upon a time – 3 years ago – the Lewis family purchased a new home. It had a basement. We got right to work making it our own. David put new flooring in, changed out the light fixtures and outlet covers, and started to update things one by one.

Then, a storm came. Mother Nature dumped almost an entire month’s worth of rain in one storm. The water came down so hard and so fast, our drainage system couldn’t handle it. It came under our foundation and back up into our floor. It washed away every inch of flooring David had put down, one year, to the weekend, ago. It even washed up most of the vinyl tiles that had been underneath. We had to rip out the sheet rock to avoid mold. 

David went a little overboard and decided to take the popcorn ceiling down in the media room and put up insulation to keep the noise contained.

David did most of the labor himself. We had the help of David’s family to move the big things out of the way and lend us tools; the missionaries from our church to help us tear out the wet floor and do a little painting; my mother to help us fix the problem so it doesn't happen again; and my father to help David get the truck fixed, take a load to the dump, and clean up the rest kids’ outdoor play area. After a year of work, and his entire vacations, we have it 99% finished. We need to caulk the trim, and finish the fire place.

We let the kids choose the colors of their playroom. They chose 10 different colors – all the colors of their favorite sports teams. David decided to use the remaining paint from the rest of the house and compromise. He painted their favoritest sports team’s logos on the wall, and purchased curtains for two others – the Steelers and the Falcons.

So, if you're wondering "Why hasn't Lisa updated her blog since last November?" Now you know why. I will be going back and filling in the gaps in between school work, house work, and teaching preschool.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Determined, Sure, Confident, Loving, Stern

Roslyn and I attended a baby shower over the summer. We sat next to this little old lady. We really enjoyed her company. She and Roslyn had some great conversations. Then food came out. Roslyn focused on nothing but getting my cookie! The woman made a comment that made me shudder. "She sure does love her food! Well, don't let her get used to that."

At what point did we start talking to BABIES about how to eat to protect their body image? When did it become okay to talk about limiting food for young girls? We have a body image problem in America. Boys and girls feel like they need to look like people who don't really exist -people who have been altered to such a state that it is not humanly possible to sustain life. 

Boys and girls starve their bodies of vital nutrients. They destroy their teeth. Their organs shut down. They die before our very eyes. They are our brothers and sisters, our aunts and uncles, our mothers and fathers.

I will not tell my daughter how beautiful she is, or how her clothes make her pretty. I tell her how great her determination is and how she will need it when she needs to do hard things. I tell her how wonderful it is that she is so sure of herself and what she wants. I tell her how her confidence makes her shine. I tell her how much I love her kisses. I tell her what a great job she does at taking care of her babies. I applaud her ability to stick to her guns, and not let anyone change her mind (even though that part makes it really hard to parent).

Saturday, October 31, 2015

New toilet

This chair was a gift from a friend while I was pregnant with Carter. I love it. It was in the nursery, and has migrated to the living room (It was no longer feasible to seclude myself in the bedroom to nurse, the boys needed supervision).

Last night, Carter got up in a full bladder frenzy. I watched him run, disoriented, out of his room. I knew he was on his way to the bathroom, and didn't think much of it. Until, he didn't come back. I went to check on him. He was crying on the couch that he didn't want me to send him back to bed. I checked his underwear, they were dry. I walked him to the bathroom - crying all the way. His bladder was empty, which I thought was odd.

I got David to try to calm him down, to no avail. I settled on cuddling with him in the living room until he fell asleep, woke up, or just calmed down. I decided I would sit in my glider/rocker. I found this:

His bladder was empty because he peed on the chair. In our attempt to save Carter's tablet, a book, and my Boppy pillow - Carter fell back asleep on the rug. David carried him back to bed while I rinsed the cushions in the tub. When I moved the chair, I found a very large puddle of urine  that had flowed all the way back. What a mess sleepy, disoriented boys can make!