Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013

We FINALLY got our Christmas pictures taken - just in time!! 

We have the new house all decorated and the tree is up - a day after Thanksgiving tradition.

Unfortunately, we don't have a mantle on either of our fireplaces, so we had to improvise.
I found this super cute idea on the internet - thank you internet! 

Houses on both sides of us are being gutted right now. The contractor on the right has let me take WHATEVER I wanted. I got some kitchen cabinet doors. 

David painted the middle of this one, and cleaned it up. He drilled our extra cabinet knobs for stocking holders for me.

My friend Alisha helped me work out the red wording on her Cricut, and her sister helped me stick them on.

David suspended it from the ceiling tonight. 

I really didn't do anything but find the idea. . . 

But, I surround myself with supportive and creative people - that has to count for something right?