Friday, May 29, 2015


This is my little chef. He loves to make me food. Especially Lemons, Grapes, and Watermelon. Today he came to me wearing this hat. It was originally perched atop his head, with the velcro set on his older brother's head. Once I loosened it out for his big noggin, he was happy to sport it around for me to get pictures of.


This little lady is on the move. She is following in her brother's footsteps - or knees - and not crawling until after her birthday. It seems unlikely that she will move on her belly before 13 months (which is when both of them started). However, I noticed today that she is scooting on her bum.

While I was helping Beckett with something this morning, I noticed that although I wrapped her pillow around her, it was not still there. However, the pillow hadn't moved.

Then, after morning nap, I set her down on the floor near where Carter was sorting the mail. He wasn't letting her have any of it. Well, he moved on to something else and she got into his piles.

She saw some that she liked more than what she had.

Then, more.

And more. I thought for sure she wouldn't be able to slide on the rug.

But she did.

All in all, she scooted 64 inches by reaching out in front of her, grabbing the floor, and pulling her bum to her hands. The hard floor certainly helps.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bicycle Surprises

I love to decorate. When we were first married, we decorated for Christmas, and that was all we had. We went all out though - taking the normal decorations down and replacing them with winter and Christ themed novelties. When we moved into our project house, we packed up all the decor and hid them under the stairs in the basement. Now, we have a space to sprawl. I have been festive for all the holidays. It is not cheap to amass decorations for every season all at once. I have been going to the thrift stores to collect these things at a discount. 

Shortly before Christmas, we were at GoodWill and my husband decided to go to the bike section. I thought it was odd. However, I didn't question him. Then, he thought it was a good idea to stop by Value Village. They only had one bike. He even suggested we go to St. Vincent De Paul! He hates my thrift store scouring. I didn't want to pry too much and ruin my string of good luck.

Then, a few days later - he starts welding and cutting in the garage. The smell was awful, so I kept my distance. One day - he emerges with THIS! He bought a tricycle on Craigslist, a bicycle at one of the thrift stores (he went to a GoodWill out by his work on his way home one day). He cut the bike, and welded the frame to this trike to make it stronger. Then he rigged it with a motor. It drives itself and he "drifts" all over the street. I get on him about a helmet (Didn't do much good here), but at least the kids are wearing them. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I was pulling out the 3T boys clothes for Beckett this morning. He is just too pudgy for the 2 T shirts, and they have never fit over his head. The 2t pants have always been too tight around the belly, unfortunately, he is not really tall enough for the 3T. I finally bit the bullet and pulled out the 3T tub. I figured, he is the last of my children to wear them and he has ripped through more pants than Carter ever did, so I might as well let him walk off the bottoms anyway (I'll roll them up the best I can).

As I get the tub, Carter sees a shirt that he desperately wants to wear. "That is my favorite shirt mom!! I want it back." I explained that he wore this when he was 3 and it probably didn't fit him any more. He begged and pleaded. He cried and cried. I sat down with him and tried to explain that he was getting bigger, and he will outgrow things. This was just part of life. He would not stop crying. He remembered all the good times he had while wearing this shirt (he is very sentimental, like me)

I told Carter I would pray to Heavenly Father and ask him to shrink my boy back down so he could fit in the shirt. He responded with:

"No, that won't work. He won't do that."

Well why not?

"Because it isn't something we NEED."

I told him that we ask him for things that we want all the time. Isn't He supposed to give us everything we pray for?

"No. Not if we don't need it. He gets to choose, not us."

But what it we really want it and we pray really hard?


But doesn't He love us?


So we talked about the three answers we get from our prayers: Yes, No, and Not Right Now.

To get the Not Right Now, we have to be really in tune. It can sometimes be hard to distinguish from  Yes and No.

By then, he was no longer crying. He looked up at me, very calmly, and asked if he could try on the shirt to see how it still fit. I told him that was great problem solving. He tried on the shirt, and wouldn't you know it - it still fit!! Now I remember it being extremely large when we got it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Pictures

We went to the temple recently. The weather has been very nice. I got my picture taken with Roslyn - like I did with both boys here on the temple grounds. and we got an updated family photo. The pictures of the boys turned out very nice.

There is a great feeling at the temple - even with squirmy, energetic boys. It truly is a place where families can be sealed together forever.

These pictures were from the week before when we took an impromptu trip to the temple. The challenge of taking pictures with three kids is so huge. when one kid is looking away, the others are looking AND smiling! You can see in each of these who the photo is really highlighting. I wish my Photoshop skills were better, and I could paste the good parts together.

I don't normally get good pictures of Beckett. He is not a photogenic kid. We got more than any other kid!!

Carter loves giving thumbs up:

Roslyn was great as long as I was holding her (minus the family pictures of course). We got a lot of crying in the grass pictures of her by herself. 

I loved the different ways they smell flowers:

(After this, she actually tore all the pedals off by squeezing it in on itself)