Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have a little car. I love my little car. My little car does not love carseats. I have two doors and 4 seat belts - no middle seat. It is perfect for my two little dogs. They each have their own seat in the back - with a window, and a console in the middle with cupholders for food, water, and a spot for toys. Where will they sit!!

I have done a lot of research on what carseat will fit in my car. I have found a lot of people with my same car and my same problem. I have narrowed it down to basically 2 carseats. One has been recalled and I cannot get it anyways. The other is - I am almost positive - THE most expensive carseat on the market:



The Britax Diplomat. $260. For a baby seat! Granted, it is THE safest babyseat on the market. However, if I was that concerned about safety - I'd drive a Volvo. It is the Volvo of carseats, and you pay Volvo price for it.

It is a nice seat - but it doesn't come out of the car with the kid. It is strapped in to the car. Lucky me - with my two door vehicle -bending over to pick up the kid, not just reaching in to grab the whole seat. I will have to carry the kid everywhere I go. Most people say "buy a new car". If it were only that easy. My car and I are buddies. We've been together a long time. I will just have to deal with it.

I caught David looking for new cars for me online. He even got me into it for a couple days. I found a car that I really liked - I decided that I could live with that car. I called the guy up. He said there are no problems with it - other than the transmission doesn't work. David happens to have a transmission for that very car in our basement. He mentioned a "chip" in the front fender. I asked what kind of "Chip". That was all it is, a chip, he said. I asked for pictures. It is a hole - like a huge chunk of the fender is missing. It had been just about totaled and masked over. New hood/bumper/front end. I give up. You just do not know what you're getting. I know all the ins and outs of my car. I couldn't let that go.


  1. You would only be justified in buying that expensive of a carseat if it was used by more than one kid- and I don't mean giving it or selling it later to someone else.
    group Baby Shower gift :)

  2. you could see who has an infant seats that you could try out in your car... maybe it's not as bad as people say online. just a thought. Another thought is to buy old missionary cars-- they are in great condition, and the sellers are honest. :) At least one of our family cars were once missionary cars, i think.

    Congrats on your boy!! I'm so excited for you!