Friday, April 30, 2010

Carter's First Bump

Those babies are made of rubber I swear. I tried to get a picture, but it healed too quickly.

Carter had two bumps this week.

Monday I dropped him and fell on top of him. I got my foot tangled in a cord that ran behind the nightstand and under the bed. No idea how that happened. I had just picked him up from his nap and we fell right to the floor. I went to call the doctor, and as I was trying to find the number he became quiet. I realized while I was on hold that he had found a magazine and shoved it in his mouth. I pulled it out just as the nurse answered the phone. He screamed and screamed until I gave it back to him. I found his plug and he was as good as new. No bruise on his head, no damage. My knees are still very badly bruised. I had to find a new way to pray until this heals.

Wednesday he was sitting on the floor playing with a toy. He is not very steady on his bum. He falls over very slowly and hasn't figured out how to stop yet. He fell forward and hit his head on the leg of his girlfriend Lydia's bouncer. He then thrashed around a bit before anyone was able to grab him and sit him back up. He got a nice goose-egg on the side of his head and a rug burn on his forehead. He screamed and screamed reaching for the toy he was playing with. After he had it back he was fine. The next day, any signs of injury were gone. Go figure.

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  1. Babies- don't you wish you healed that fast? I do wish I did.