Tuesday, November 26, 2013


There are so many things to catch up on - like Carter's first day of preschool, and Beckett crawling, and Beckett's first words, and I am so behind. I figured I'd start somewhere though. Halloween. 

We all got a pumpkin to decorate that we grew in our garden. They all made it to orange!!

Carter had so much trouble deciding what to be for Halloween. He has so many dress-up costumes that he loves, it was hard to chose. 

First, he wanted to be an Auto Shop Teacher. I happened to have his costume from when he was 2, so I dug it out:

It still fits him 2 years later! (just a little short)

Or, should he be an astronaut?

What about Charlie Brown?

He ended up choosing to be a BYU Football player at the church Trunk-Or-Treat.

And and astronaut when we went to the mall to get candy there:

Beckett was a Cabbage Patch doll:

I recently found out that I was able to wear last year's costume again this year. I figured, why not get my money's worth out of it huh?


  1. Wait, what?!? Is this an announcement or a practical joke?

  2. Not a practical joke. Really REALLY knot planned....

  3. Well, in that case, congratulations! (Or should I say condolences on your diagnosis?) Either way, I hope all goes well for you!

  4. Congratulations Lisa! I am so excited for you. When are you due?