Thursday, January 26, 2017


My brother is in the Philippines, serving a mission for our church. He is gone for 2 years. My kids love him. I miss him a lot. They miss him a lot.

Carter came home yesterday, very excited that there is a boy in his class that speaks Tagalog in his home. He had his friend teach him some phrases. He came home to write Uncle Jordan a letter. He needed to fill in the gaps, so he asked me to use Google Translate. He discovered that when he didn't know how to spell a word correctly - Google would offer him suggestions.

From what I know of Tagalog, things need to be conjugated and the word itself changes based on the context - so this probably doesn't make any sense. It is supposed to say:

“Dear Jordan.

You are fast. Do you have a Book of Mormon? What is your companion’s name? Do you have a temple there?

I love you,



I can’t make out the last two words under the date. He doesn’t remember. I Google Translated it myself and it reads “Expensive Kite”

I am mailing it off tomorrow. He is so proud of himself. I am proud of his effort.

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