Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 Months!!

Carter turned one on September 5th. David and I were out of town. He didn't notice, I'm sure. David surprised me with a trip to Port Angeles and Forks to celebrate the 3rd time reading the Twilight series in just over a month.

We had his party yesterday. What an adventure.

I made carrot cake cupcakes with yogurt frosting. I got the idea from some of David's students in the auto shop at Green River surprisingly enough. He really did like it. He didn't eat the cupcake though.
He will be much more enthusiastic to unwrap things come December.

This card was so funny, it says "Think they will notice the cake missing?" with a really fat cat on the front.

We got this art table for Carter in December from Costco. It was $30 or $40 and came with 4 chairs. It was really neat. He is not anywhere close to using it, but it really came in handy today. I had puzzles, coloring pages, and a craft. The girls made butterflies and they glued them to sticks to they could fly around, and the boys did it with dragons.

Even the adults had fun coloring.

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