Saturday, April 9, 2011


Carter is really starting to open up his vocabulary. He is starting to repeat animal sounds, like the sheep, duck, dog, elephant, cat, duck billed platypus - just kidding on that one. It all started this week. He has been a little slow in this category, but I'm not too worried about it. My real frustration is when the camera comes out, he shuts down. He will not say another word until bed time.

He also breaks out in random prayer. He will take off his hat, fold his arms, bow his head, close his eyes, open his arms, and say "AMEN". He does a sign similar to "All done". His amen sounds a little like all done too. He will go to our bed where we pray at night and say a little prayer. His other favorite place to randomly pray is on the changing table. He will be playing with his toys and pray. What a crazy kid. He will also let you know if your prayer is too long. In church two weeks ago he reminded Brother Sampson that it was time to conclude his prayer by saying "Amen" right in the middle of it. When Brother Sampson didn't stop his prayer, Carter became agitated and said "Amen" multiple times before we had to distract him with something else. Good thing Brother Sampson was far away and hard of hearing.

We went outside today, and his little attitude came out royally. He has the cutest facial expressions too. It is hard to not smile at his anger.

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  1. Ha ha. I love the amen story. That is so cute.