Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Zoo

Carter and I went to the zoo. I braved it by myself - David had to work. He did great. I expected to be there for 2 hours and leave in time for nap. We ended up leaving after 5 hours. 

Carter was the navigator. He was in charge of the map. He took it very seriously.

He carefully studied the map everywhere we went. He chose what animals we would see next.

He was very disappointed when we discovered the Tiger had died. He didn't understand what that meant. He asked all the zookeepers he saw where the Tiger went - pointing out that the map showed the Tigers should be here. He was continually guiding us back to the Tiger exhibit to find the Tigers.

I distracted him from the Tigers by putting him "in charge" of the stroller. I brought it along just to haul stuff apparently. I tried to carry our lunch bag, diaper bag, camera bag, and water myself - it didn't work. So, I relented and packed the umbrella stroller just for stuff.

He did really well, hitting almost nobody but me. He didn't want any help. He went up hills with no problems, and even went through doors by himself.

I had Carter stand at the sign on the way out.

This was taken 14 months ago:

 Carter still loves the tractor.

These were taken 12 months ago:

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