Monday, August 27, 2012

What to do with a tooth that has fallen out?

Blu lost a tooth today. Highly unusual. I was not really sure what to do. Carter was very sympathetic. He came in and saw our predicament. He told me "We can just put tape on it. That will make her feel better." He told me over and over again - that was the way to fix it. We'll just tape it back in.

The logic of children!!

It might have something to do with the football that hit her in the face last night. Who knows?

Today we picked some beans from the garden. Carter helped. He got to rinse them in the sink and help me break them for dinner. He was such a big helper.

He also ate them. He loves beans, but he is more apt to eat the soft ones from the can than the fresh ones. He broke them all open, at the beans inside (calling them medicine), and left the outsides. It is a start.

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