Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can you sleep like that?

I was using a Moby Wrap to Carry Beckett. The Moby is only good to carry up to a certain weight of child. Beckett has surpassed that weight. In other news, he surpassed the weight limit on our infant carrier a couple months ago, and has switched to his convertible seat already!!

Now I carry Beckett in the Ergo. It is surprisingly comfortable, and has support in my shoulders and in my hips. I have even carried Carter in it (on my back, while pregnant). It was not a challenge at all!

I had to do some working, and couldn't be constantly bending over with Beckett on my front. I put him on my back, and he fell asleep. It looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE, but he slept for an hour or so like this!

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