Saturday, May 17, 2014

Girly Things

So, it seems that I will be moving these pictures out of my "To be sold on Craigslist" folder, and putting them into a different folder. 

We had our ultrasound, but I felt it was inconclusive. The umbilical cord was in the way the entire time. The tech swore she saw "Three Lines". However, I did not see what she was talking about, and she couldn't point it out to me. 

I begged the doctor at my last visit to do a quick ultrasound with their portable machine. He felt sorry for me because he was running an hour late, and I had been waiting with both boys, and so he agreed. However, I could see that he was very hesitant. 

We looked up baby's back and saw right through the legs to the umbilical cord. I saw nothing between me and the cord. I am okay calling it at this point.

We're having a girl.

There is always that room for error, but I can breathe a huge sigh of relief now - at least feeling more confident.

And her in-utero name:


Sadly, she will not be able to use this cute girly bedding for quite a while, as Beckett is still using the crib. He is a far cry away from using a toddler bed....

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