Friday, May 30, 2014

First Job

Carter got his first job today.

We were shopping at a store that I shop at once a month. It is like a big rummage sale, where everything costs 25 cents. Normally he goes and plays with all the toys, makes some friends, and has a great time. 

Today, however, he asked if he could buy something with his own money. We agreed that he could buy 4 items, spending $1.10 after tax. He quickly found his items and ran to the cash register. I told him that he had to wait for me to finish shopping. Meanwhile, he found more things he wanted. 

The clerk, Tasha, noticed that his pile near the register was growing larger and larger. She offered him some "quarters" to cover his accumulated items if he helped her clean up. He cleaned with her for about 20 minutes. First, she had him gather all the hangars from the floor. Then, she had him grab the clothes that she raked into piles and throw them back onto the tables (yes, it is THAT kind of rummage sale). After that, he helped her pick up toys and put them into the wire racks. Lastly, she had him sort the broken toys and throw them into a garbage bag with her.

At one point, he recruited a girl who was playing on the floor to work under him. He did not pay her. 

Tasha basically agreed to give him his entire pile for free. I took out a couple things that we didn't really need (Like a 2T shirt and some 18 month shorts that had his favorite character on them), but let him keep the empty Lightning McQueen cardboard box and the broken/missing pieces Nerf shooter gun. He had 13 items at the end, which meant he earned $3.56. 

I hope he he gets a taste for what hard work will get you.

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