Friday, September 19, 2014

Carter's funny thoughts

Yesterday while we were brushing his teeth, Carter tells me:

"When you're seven, you always listen to your parents. But when you're one hundred, you don't have to any more."

I asked him why that was.

"Because they're dead."

Yeah, probably.

After school, he starts pretending to shoot a gun saying that his Lego guys had killed a bad guy. He pauses and says "I can say they're dead, because they're just Legos. When it is people, you say they 'Passed Away'."

I asked him to reach up on the counter to grab something. I hear him say "I have little T-Rex arms. I can't reach it."

David asked Carter last night at dinner if he knew what a Poodle was. He reminded Carter that we have friends who have one. Carter says "Oh yeah! Like a sheep."

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