Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Pre-K

Today was Carter's first day of Pre-K. The elementary school that we moved into has a program for kids who are already 4 as of August 31st. Carter is the oldest kid in class. It is a really neat program, and we are excited that he made it in.

He's got his Ninja Turtles back pack that my mother sent him, and his SeaHawks shirt that David's mother got him, and he is set.

Carter and his teacher Mrs. Richards.

Last night, David grabbed his bag so we'd be all ready for the morning. Carter had it pre-loaded. What does a little boy need on his first day of Pre-K?

Something spiritual:"Teachings of the Living Prophets, Joseph Fielding Smith"; something to take notes in: a spiral bound notepad; a book to read: "Get Up and Go!"; Something to remember family: a postcard from Grandma's trip; physical protection: knee pads and elbow pads along with sunscreen; a flashlight; a change of clothes; 7 toy cars; a stuffed animal that I have never seen before; a toy from Vacation Bible School; and a block with the month and day the packed his bag.

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