Sunday, July 26, 2015


As my long time readers know, I feel partaking of the Sacrament is a sacred ordinance that should not be so robotic that it has no meaning. I feel like we forget the importance of it. I mentioned before that we started to practice the Sacrament with Beckett and it didn’t go well. This week, Beckett started to introduce it to us. I would act up, and he would tell me “No, you need to be reverent” or “No play with toys, read your scriptures.” He asked me to read him the Sacrament prayer so he could memorize it. He had a pretty good handle on it before I even started. This video is him before I read him the prayer. You can find it highlighted here near the bottom, and follow along with him (Since he can be rather unintelligible sometimes.). This version is completely from listening to the boys pray on Sundays. We have not practiced at all since our last attempt.

So today, on his first day partaking the Sacrament he was so proud of himself. He was so reverent. I could tell it really meant something special. It may not have meant the same to me or someone else who needed the gift of the atonement. However, it was special to him just the same.

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