Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Birthday

We didn’t do an official birthday party for Roslyn. She has some friends from church about her age, but we couldn’t get together with them in June or July because of all the craziness with older siblings and school. Carter thought it was a mortal sin not to have a birthday party for your birthday. So, even though it was a month and a half late, he took it upon himself to make her a cake and plan her a party.

I was getting her up for the morning, and when I came out to the kitchen, he had pulled out: 8 packages of Rice Krispy Treats (his favorite number), blue raspberry frosting, some green candles, and a knife. He had already arranged it and started frosting.


 After dinner, he sprinkled it with green sprinkles, and we settled on two candles – one for him to show her how to blow, and the other for her to do herself.

 She was not so sure of it, but when we tried to take her piece away, she freaked out. Eventually, she had her fill, and threw what was left on the floor.

I am so grateful for boys who love their sister, and a little sister who is willing to put up with them.

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