Saturday, September 26, 2015


Flashcards aren’t my thing. I want to encourage learning through experience, not memorization. Now that Carter is in school, I realize a lot of things we know – we know because of memorization. Like “Sight Words”, those are words he needs to have memorized.

Someone gave us a pack of flashcards a while back. They are sight words, shapes, and colors. They are pretty cool. Carter lays them all out and pretends they are playing football. They each represent a person in the game or in the stands. Today, I picked them up off the floor and decided to see what he knew. 101 out of 108! I was not prepared for that, since we have not really talked about sight words yet.

As usual, I am realizing he is ready for things, after he is already there. I guess that just means we won’t frustrate each other by trying things he’s not ready for.

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