Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roslyn Updates

Roslyn gave her doctor a good scare with her low weight at a year. She had many things stacked against her when it came to nursing. She has a severe under bight, a level three (out of four) upper frenulum tie, and delayed language. Due to the lack of support I received from the lactation consultants, none of it was caught until a year. By then, the damage had been done. In order to remedy some of the issues, I consulted her doctor, a pediatric dentist, and the lactation specialists. None of them recommended fixing it. They all said that we should just move on and try to make the best of it.

The doctor referred us to multiple specialists to try to fatten her up. I had her evaluated, and it was determined that her weight was not the problem – it was only a symptom of deeper issues. They found Roslyn was significantly delayed in speech and gross motor skills. She has one therapy session and two group sessions every week; in addition, her speech therapist comes every other week. She LOVES it. She loves all the ladies that she sees, and they are so friendly. She loves going to classes.

Roslyn is very strong willed, and her speech therapist has a very strong personality. They did not hit it off at first. Roslyn will not perform for her. The physical therapists have a different rapport. They follow Roslyn around and try to correct her movements to show her that she has more support when she holds her feet a certain way. She gains confidence as she succeeds with their help. However, the speech therapist is more of a leader in the relationship. She prompts Roslyn to make sounds or to hold her spoon a certain way. Roslyn DOES NOT like to be led. She likes to be the leader. At one of her sessions, she was holding her cup upside down (I’m not sure why she does that, but it is common). Her speech therapist tried to turn it. Roslyn lost it. She started crying. She wouldn’t cooperate any more. The appointment was effectively over. They have many run-ins like this. We have found that the dynamic is different when away from home, so we’ve been trying out different places to have her appointments.

This little girl is determined and tenacious. In her evaluation, I was asked to define her personality. I told them she was shy. I quickly learned that she is nowhere close to shy. She just displayed behaviors that mimicked shyness to express her disapproval. When she didn’t want anyone to come near her, she would tilt her head to the side and snuggle into my shoulder. That was her way of saying “No way Jose!” before she had better communication skills. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to go for it. Now, she will tell you more forcefully to leave her alone or get her something.

On Sunday, Roslyn and Beckett were both going for the same toy. Beckett got their first and threw his double-Roslyn-sized body over the toy so she couldn’t get it. She crawled up on top of him, weaved her fingers in his hair, and began to pull. She pulled his head right up off the floor. He cried “uncle” for sure! She is not afraid to be pummeled by her older brothers.

This little girl sure is giving us a run for our money!

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  1. Roh wow. That's funny Beckett threw himself over the toy. Poor thing, bet he didn't expect to get his hair pulled!