Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blessed Little One

Carter was blessed by his daddy on Sunday. It was a beautiful blessing. We had a lot of friends and family come. David's parents and his second cousin Kara's family were there. Bishop Douglas and his wife Penny. My two aunts from up north - Darla and Karen, along with their daughters and families: Michelle, Doug, & Bernadette; Crystal, Brenden, Jayden, & Grace. My friend Debi from Wal-Mart came out. Seth and Lauren Tomlinson (& their unborn baby), along with Rob and Chandra Wager (& Carter's girlfriend Lydia).
My aunts and cousins made a wonderful lunch for all of us. We had a nice time. It was good to get us all together.

Carter and Lydia tired of all the pictures, banding together to stop the madness.

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