Monday, November 2, 2009


I didn't know breast-fed babies could be constipated. However, plugged up he was. He was screaming and grunting, for a couple hours. I realized that it had been about 6 hours since he had a dirty diaper. I really thought it would clear itself up. However, at 3 in the morning I had to head out and find a pharmacy that was open. I finally found a Walgreens. I grabbed a bottle of suppositories off the shelf and went to talk to the pharmacist. Even though the bottle says "Infants and Children", it is not designed for an infant of our size. I had to divide it up into 8 slivers. Well, you know what happens to suppositories right? Up his butt it went, along with my finger. I had to hold it there until the poop moved my finger out of the way. He was upset. Luckily, it only took about 30 seconds before the dam broke. What an experience. I never thought I would be sticking my finger up ANYBODY's butt, let alone for the purpose of making them poop on me!! He slept pretty nicely after that poop though. What a relief . . . literally. That was two weeks ago (I'm a little slow here), and he has been fine ever since. I am crossing my fingers that I don't have to touch that bottle ever again.

On a side note, he got an umbilical hernia out of the deal. The pediatrician says that is common, and will heal itself eventually.

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