Monday, June 14, 2010

9 months

We have a wonderful pediatrician. Dr. Chesley. He is probably 6 foot 7 inches. He is so tall. The first thing he told us after reading Carter's discharge papers was "Five weeks early huh? Well, it won't stunt his growth any." He is very knowledgeable. He grew up in Vernal, Utah. His dad was LDS, his mom was Jewish, and they raised him and his sister Unitarian. Interesting combination. He saw David's CTR ring and said that when he was growing up he always wanted one, all his friends had one. He is great with Carter. He is constantly reading and attending classes to stay up to date on all the most current research. I think if our insurance changes, I would still go to see him and pay out of pocket. He is just that good.

Carter's Stats at 9 months:

18 lbs 1 oz - 10%

28 inches - 36%

17" around the head - 11%

His head barely fits through openings in his shirt. I cannot imagine if it was any bigger. Everybody comments on what a big head he has. I think it is just proportionate to his little body.

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