Sunday, June 13, 2010

The greatest toy - you never would've thunk

I have seen many excersaucers. It is a very rare occation that I see one I have seen before. They all have different toys. Some are very noisy and musical, some have no batteries at all. These pictures were taken by Chandra, and I think they were taken in February. I watch her daughter Lydia in the mornings while she is hard at work. When she got this saucer from her sister-in-law we both laughed at this E. It is so silly. It just hangs there. It does nothing but taunt them. What fun can you have with a hanging alphabet. Well, I don't know anything about children's imaginations. The E is THE saucer favorite. In fact, I think it is THE most popular toy in all of Chandra's house. When that E swings around to the outside, far from any infant grasp, there is a tumult in the house. You will know when one so small cannot reach that E. We laugh now when we realize that Evenflo really had something going with that E. I only wish that my saucer had an alphabet to play with.

Carter and Lydia so deep in love:

Lydia's feet, something at 4 months that Carter didn't find until 8:

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