Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our First Word

I am no expert on when you determine a child's first word. He has been spouting DaDaDaDa for a month now. Or maybe he is trying to say Dog. He doesn't have his Gs down, so it is hard to tell. He says DaDaDaDa all day long, but doesn't connect it with anything. He knows who Daddy is, but hasn't addressed him specifically yet. Last week we started Bananas. He liked the word more than the food. He would stop eating and smile when I would say Banana. This morning I put him in his chair to feed him his breakfast. He saw the mush and said Banana - or a very loose rendition of it. He attempted the B sound, and then followed with a very clear NaNa. I am going to call that his first word since he identified something that I had called Banana. Unfortunately that mush was applesauce. However, he hadn't tasted it yet - so he really didn't know.

The real thing is actually quite yucky. He didn't like the peel - if you can't tell by his face.

I just have to add this somewhere. Carter is a very laid back little dude. You could go so far as to say Lazy. If he feels a pillow behind him, he will no longer sit, he will fall backwards. He leans against the wall of the playpen and eventually falls over. He just kind of hangs out and goes with the flow. Lydia is completely opposite. She likes things her way, and is very stubborn about them. You could go so far as to say she is a control freak, in an 8 month old kind of way. I put them both in the playpen today and went to unload the dishwasher. I came back to find this. Carter had given up sitting, and Lydia had hoarded all the toys. I am not sure how she did it, but here it is. He is left with a rattle and two links. He didn't even care. And she wasn't about to acknowledge me in the room. They were all her toys for all I was concerned.

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