Friday, September 2, 2011


I tried to take a couple pictures of Carter in the last week. I am having trouble getting him to look at me long enough for a cute pose.

This is his classic fingers in the pockets look:

I played around with PhotoShop a little bit on these two:

Definitely like this one better:

Watching the ducks:


He is just so full of energy and personality. He says the funniest things too!!

I was showing these pictures to Carter. I asked him about the picture where he's watching the ducks. I said "What are you doing?" he said "Laughing". He has such a positive outlook on life.

He has been telling me since Tuesday that "Guys kick footballs". I have been really trying to teach him that girls kick footballs too.

He figured out how to use those pull-back cars to make them go. He has been sending cars racing all over the house.

Sometimes he grabs his head after eating - getting food in his head fuzz. I walked in on him rubbing applesauce on his head. I asked him why he was doing that. He said "Caus I silly".

Later I came back and saw his plate on the floor. I asked him what happened to it. He points down and said "Drop". Like "Duh mom".

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