Monday, June 25, 2012

Elmer or Ethel?

David and I really liked having an in-utero name for Carter - "Vern". Vern was David's grandfather's name, and it really seemed to fit. 

We have been discussing new names for a couple months. I want to know what you think, or if you have any better ideas - PLEASE!

 "Elmer" had been passed down for many generations on David's dad side of the family. David's great-aunt said to me last week: "Name him anything, but please don't name him Elmer." I figured if it was his in-utero name, it was pretty safe we wouldn't go with it. 

Ethel just seemed like a good old lady name. David wanted "Elsie" because he has a grandma Elsie and a great-great grandma Elsie on his dad's side. I vetoed that because I didn't want his grandmother, who is living, to think that we were really going to name a baby Elsie when we weren't planning on it. 

We are not set on either one of these yet, so we really need ideas. I know this is horrible, but I have been scanning the obituaries for a good little-old-man/lady name that fits. We just need a name that we are not going to use, but is fun to call an unborn baby.