Monday, July 16, 2012

Silly Strawberry Face Boy

Carter is making some amazing connections. I can't believe how well he understands such complex things. 

One of the things that he does that I love is pretending to read. Not just read, but sounding things out. I don't know where he gets it. He will pick something up and move his finger along the words while saying "Glu Ten Free. No Dai Ry. This Is Car Ter Friend Ly. " Then look up at me and say "See Mommy? I can eat this."

David asked him what he had in his mouth (He often hoards food, and comes close to choking on it at times). He responded "I don't have anything in my mouth. I only have teeth in my mouth."

I was tickling him and he was laughing saying "Tickle me!" I rolled onto him and said "What? Tackle you?". He would repeat "No! Tickle me." Then I say "Okay, tackle you." Repeat for a few minutes. He was starting to get frustrated, so I told him that I knew he was saying "Tickle", but I was pretending that I heard him say "Tackle". He responded with "Oh, you were playing a joke on me! Ha Ha Mommy."

He has excellent comprehension skills. It is really cool to see him hear someone say something, then repeat it in his own words - words that he is more familiar with.

Current obsession: Helmets. 
David's friend Matt rides a motorcycle and has a helmet - and Carter idolizes Matt. He loves to walk around Matt's bike and ask him what happened to his helmet (He has to hide it so Carter won't try to put it on).
Carter came to me and said "Helmets are really espensive." Oh, are they? David just bought a new helmet and Carter must have overheard him telling Matt about the differences in price because we didn't really discuss it with Carter present. He also describes the plastic in the front over the eyes as a "Windshield". It really fits because that is what it is. I think it is so smart that he can describe something so accurately, in terms that he understands. He is also very critical of people not wearing helmets. 
David lets Carter play with his old helmet. He looks like a bobble head doll!! Carter comes to David and says "Daddy, I have a surprise for you!" David says "Really, where is it?" Carter: "In a box in the office." David: "What box?" Carter: "A helmet box!" David: "Is it my new helmet?" Carter: "Yeah! Come put it on. Then we'll all have helmets on!" He is constantly trying to convince David to wear the helmet just like him!!!

Today was Carter's first day of partaking of the Sacrament at church. We had been unsuccessful at the rice bread. I found a corn chip with flax seed at the store. They passed around the tray today with the corn chip on it, and he took it. He told me that during the Sacrament we think about Jesus, and we should be reverent. He even pointed out people who were praying, and that was also something he said we should be doing. He was very quiet and he folded his arms!! I have never seen him so reverent during the Sacrament portion of the meeting. He MORE THAN made up for it during the rest of the meeting. He was loud and rambunctious.  He climbed all over me. He grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled. He wiped his face on my shirt over and over again saying "Snot. Snot. Snot." each time he wiped. It was awful! I figured that I get the same amount of energy during the day, he just saved it up during the quiet time and spent it all right afterwards. 

On the way home from church he told us about the lesson in his Sunday school class. It was the first time he was really able to regurgitate the lesson. I was very happy about it, especially since he escaped from class twice!!! It was a rough day.

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