Saturday, April 13, 2013


Beckett LOVES Carter. It is amazing to see how he watches Carter and tracks his movements. He will laugh if Carter makes a silly noise, or makes a funny face - even if it is not directed at him (which it usually isn't). Even just a poke in the belly, or the touch of his big bald head, will insight laughter.

Carter really loves him back. He begs every night for his brother to share a room with him. I try it out for a few minutes, but it never works. Beckett just screams. Last night the screaming stopped. Carter was talking to him and trying to make him "Giggle". Later I heard a muffled screaming as I realized Carter had put another blanket in the crib - over his brother's face. One of my biggest fears with them sharing a room.

He is able to calm him in the car as well. Although he usually just covers his ears to ignore his screaming.

We made a race car out of this box & Carter really wanted Beckett to ride in it with him. Beckett did not want to leave Daddy's arms, so he was a little put out...

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