Sunday, May 12, 2013


David has been working A LOT. Last week, he worked 75 to 80 hours. This week, they sent him to a competition that lasted 2 days. It was only in Renton, but he couldn't come home. They didn't even have a pool.
With David being gone, I have kept myself pretty busy. Last week I had a class on planning meals for kids who have food issues, a music directing seminar (I lead the music at church), a workshop for kids and sleep, a food storage activity where we were putting together 72 hour kits, High School Drags, and a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts. Those were just my evening activities, we were quite busy during the day as well. Carter has gone back to napping, which is kind of nice.
In this time of business Beckett has grown out of his colic! He started sleeping 6 hour stretches! Just in time to grow a tooth. He has gone back to waking up 1 or 2 times a night. It finally broke through on Thursday and he has stopped crying. Poor kid.
When I get more time, I'll post more....

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