Friday, May 29, 2015


This little lady is on the move. She is following in her brother's footsteps - or knees - and not crawling until after her birthday. It seems unlikely that she will move on her belly before 13 months (which is when both of them started). However, I noticed today that she is scooting on her bum.

While I was helping Beckett with something this morning, I noticed that although I wrapped her pillow around her, it was not still there. However, the pillow hadn't moved.

Then, after morning nap, I set her down on the floor near where Carter was sorting the mail. He wasn't letting her have any of it. Well, he moved on to something else and she got into his piles.

She saw some that she liked more than what she had.

Then, more.

And more. I thought for sure she wouldn't be able to slide on the rug.

But she did.

All in all, she scooted 64 inches by reaching out in front of her, grabbing the floor, and pulling her bum to her hands. The hard floor certainly helps.


  1. My sister was a bum-scooter!

  2. I guess this is what babies who HATE being on their tummy do.