Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bicycle Surprises

I love to decorate. When we were first married, we decorated for Christmas, and that was all we had. We went all out though - taking the normal decorations down and replacing them with winter and Christ themed novelties. When we moved into our project house, we packed up all the decor and hid them under the stairs in the basement. Now, we have a space to sprawl. I have been festive for all the holidays. It is not cheap to amass decorations for every season all at once. I have been going to the thrift stores to collect these things at a discount. 

Shortly before Christmas, we were at GoodWill and my husband decided to go to the bike section. I thought it was odd. However, I didn't question him. Then, he thought it was a good idea to stop by Value Village. They only had one bike. He even suggested we go to St. Vincent De Paul! He hates my thrift store scouring. I didn't want to pry too much and ruin my string of good luck.

Then, a few days later - he starts welding and cutting in the garage. The smell was awful, so I kept my distance. One day - he emerges with THIS! He bought a tricycle on Craigslist, a bicycle at one of the thrift stores (he went to a GoodWill out by his work on his way home one day). He cut the bike, and welded the frame to this trike to make it stronger. Then he rigged it with a motor. It drives itself and he "drifts" all over the street. I get on him about a helmet (Didn't do much good here), but at least the kids are wearing them. 

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