Friday, August 13, 2010

Days with an active child

I have been very lucky that Carter is pretty content to sit by himself and play for most of the time - like when I shower, or want to read. Today marks a new era for him. The active wants to move around time has begun.

Carter has begun to scoot around. He will flail his legs until he gets to the thing that he desires. He was always content to move on to another toy that was in reach. Now he has found this new mobility empowering. He is also trying other things - like sticking his fist in his mouth in the middle of a meal. He plays with his food - while it is in his mouth. It is quite gross. Boys will be boys right?

Today so far we have eaten breakfast and first lunch, including what amounts to an entire bowl full of Cheerios. Our nap has come and gone all to quickly. We have read books, then methodically one-by-one thrown each of them on the floor. We have stood at the rail of the pack-n-play and laughed at the dogs. And withstood and all out attack by Lydia this morning. All and all, it has been a busy morning. Who knows what we have in store for us after our nap.

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  1. He's just starting to become a boy. just wait tell he can crawl up on to the counter and get in to everything. The other day Bryce got the salt shaker, twisted the lid off and poored the whole thing in the plant on the counter. Lovely!