Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Back

I made it back to reality on Saturday around 11 AM. I have survived on about 12 hours of sleep the entire week. I do not do well sleep deprived. It did not keep me from sitting straight up the second I had conscious thought and moving to the living room with my book (so as not to wake David). With the exception of getting up for work (which happens very rarely), I have only risen out of bed before him a couple times. Neither of us could remember why I got out of bed first - but I have NEVER been this compelled. I am sad to say that I have finished. There seems to be a void that was not there before. If anybody has suggestions for me to fill this hole - I would greatly appreciate it. What did you do when the Twilight series was over. And yes, I did read Midnight Sun. It gives me something to hope for.

On a side note, I would have finished two days earlier except I had to work, and I wasn't about to attempt to function away from the book when I was part way through one. I had to finish New Moon to go to my two days at the office, then pick up Eclipse the second I got home. Wow, I got sucked in.

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  1. At first I thought you went somewhere until I kept reading on. Isn't it awful how much you get sucked in?! Try the Hunger Games series next--it got me like Twilight did, and it's much better writing. The last of the trilogy is due out in August, so you'll have time to get the other two read before then (including wait time for it to get in at the library).