Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hunger Strike

I have cut Carter down to nursing him only in the mornings. I pump the rest of his meals and put it in a bottle. He was drinking about 6 ounces each of the other 3 feedings. In the last couple weeks he started refusing to finish his bottle - only drinking 4 ounces at a time. I began cutting back what I put in his bottle to 4 ounces. Since Monday, he is refusing to drink it at all. I nurse him in the morning, and he won't take a bottle until after 4. Then it is a struggle to get any milk in him before bed time. He eats his solids just fine. I started experimenting with cups. He wouldn't take any of the sippy cups that I or the babysitter own. He loves the straw on my water bottle, and will drink up the water and spit it all over himself. He thinks he is so funny. I bought this cup from Target last night because it has a similar straw on the top. It was a success. He is back on his old schedule drinking from this cup. Who knew?

On a side note, Carter thinks he is quite the funny guy. He will start jabbering on, and then stop and laugh (his half cough, half choke of a laugh - no belly laughs yet). He does that at least 50 times a day, like he is telling a funny joke and he laughs despite the fact that no one else does. We all laugh at his laughing, and he thinks we are laughing at his joke. He is rather entertaining.

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