Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Crazy and Car Shows

It is time again for the annual Subaru car show. It looks like our camping group has greatly diminished this year. After last year's debacle I don't think they want to camp with me. Relax guys, I had the baby - nothing that bad can happen this year. We are leaving Carter with grandma, and the dogs at the kennel (for the first time ever I don't have a friend that can watch them!!) and are heading off to Cashmere, WA. Hooray for closeness!!!

So, as I am trying to keep my life together - watching two babies while rushing off to playgroups and errands, while trying to help on the activities committee with church and do my bulletin board, all the while trying to find a place that will take my dogs with a week's notice and not charge me $500 and make sure I have enough milk & food for Carter while I am gone, in addition to all the other errands that need to be run and the day to day this and that, on top of my job outside of the home, and battling my self control to leave the Twilight books on the shelf for just one week - I am not succeeding with my sanity.

I was almost to the point of breaking down and crying because I could not do it all. I told David that I was loosing it.

His reply: "Well, call the insurance first and check if that's covered."

That is why I love him. All the other reasons aside, he makes me laugh.

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  1. Haha, I might have punched Matt if he gave me that response. Good thing it made you laugh! Hope you found the Hunger Games books. I got them from the library when I read them, and we both know how long THAT takes. Have such a fun trip sans kiddo and dogs!