Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eyeballs Who Needs Them??

So, Carter almost lost an eye on Monday. Like, really really almost lost an eye. He has begun the stage where he grabs things he knows he shouldn't have, and runs with them. I am at the crossroads where he waits to see my reaction before running. I saw him pick up the marshmallow skewer off the ground. I felt my adrenaline surge. He saw my eyes widen. He turned around and "ran". He made it two steps before falling on it. Missing his eye by only inches. Talk about your heart stopping. And did he cry? NO. I scooped him up off the ground and tried to asses the damage. I saw that he still had the skewer in his hands. I attempted to take it from him. NOOOOOOOOO. Screaming kicking fit! "You can't take that, I found it, it is MINE!!" I heard him think. He held on for dear life. I am still a little shaken by the event. Thank you Bethany for being calm, but assuring me that it was not unreasonable to be that wound up.

Then!! There's more!

Tuesday, we went to our Covington house to clean up and touch up. I painted and cleaned while Carter went around and tested the paint and undid whatever I did. I ended up locking him in my bedroom with toys. Thinking it was safe. When I let him out I noticed that he had a screw in his mouth. He had been sucking on a drywall screw! You know when it is too quiet? He was that quiet. THE ENTIRE TIME. I thought maybe he had taken a nap. NOPE. I wrestled the screw out of his mouth when he picked up a trowel, also called a knife. If you don't know what it is, it is a metal scraper with a sharp, flat edge that we use to flatten out the mud we put on the walls to fill in the holes. This one was rusty and gross because of years of use. He started licking it like an ice cream cone! It was disgusting. I took one step towards him to grab it. He turned around and "ran" taking two steps and tripping. Falling right on it. He got it in the face, but it didn't break the skin. Hallelujah!

But then, he was running through the kitchen and tripped last night. He fell and smacked his face so hard, he gave himself a bloody nose. You can barely see the dried blood in his nose after David cleaned him up, but still. I am pretty sure I am more traumatized by these moments than he is.

This is only 2 days!!! What is in store for the next few years???

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