Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wiggly & Defiant

Carter is so hard to get pictures of!!

Carter and David had matching ties on Sunday, so I tried to get a picture. Carter wouldn't hold still. The only way I could get him to hold still was to give him the lens cap for the camera. I know it is kind of goofy with him and this lens cap in the picture. I take great pride in my pictures, and choosing the very best ones to email out and display on my blog. So I guess I should not be too hurt if somebody complains about my prop, especially since it is the first time I have posted less than perfect pictures (in my opinion).

But most of them turned out like this without it:
I did get two good ones:

My brother John came to visit and met Carter for the first time. Carter LOVED his hat. I loved this picture of him in it:
Carter also loved his glasses:
However, did not appear to loved being held by my brother:

They were buddies on the ground.

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