Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Milestone Down

On Sunday Carter pointed to a picture in the quiet book his grandmother in Arizona made him and identified it. He then started pointing out other things and naming them. I am super excited.

He is now remembering names of people. He especially loves the little girl's names. He has been able to say "Lydia" quite well for a while now. He has added Lillie, Anna, Amy, Audrey, Andrew, and Emma. We went to play at Andrew and Emma's house last night and he sang a song on the way home (another super cute thing he does - make up songs): "Emma, Emma, Emma, An-new, Emma, Emma, Emma"

Carter has become interested in the "Potty". When ever anyone says they have to use the restroom, Carter will run ahead of them to the bathroom and try to lift the lid. Good thing we have made a habit of closing it when we are finished. This interest is not helped by the toilet that we have sitting in our driveway. We did some remodeling of our rental house, and have yet to dispose of the toilet. Grrrrrrr. It will be gone soon I HOPE. Carter loves to get out of the car and run to it, shouting "Potty Potty!!"

This picture came NOT because we are potty training, but because I was changing his diaper and he just let loose. I started yelling for him to stop. The flow shut off. I decided he had the control. I rushed him to the potty to see if he would let it all out. Nope. He sat on the toilet for a couple minutes with nothing to show for it except the knowledge that he can fit on our built-in child sized potty seat.

At my baby shower we received a doggy backpack with a really long tail. We tried it out on Sunday. Carter was no where near ready for bed at bed time. David decided to let him walk on our walk. He walked more than 1/2 a mile by himself!! It took us an hour. He loved it.

So yesterday Carter had a Daddy & Me date to the park. Daddy let him walk his self.

They watched the airplanes take off and land.

They had a snack. Carter got some apple stuck on his lip and he is trying to lick it off:

And they watched the water go by:

All in all it was a super fun day for him.

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