Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Stuff

Carter has mastered the art of the stacking cups today. He takes the whole thing apart, lays them all in a row in random order, and then puts them back together again.

We found a new playgroup that Carter really likes on Wednesdays. He went right to the doll house today. He was organizing the chairs in rows and puts the baby to bed. He says "This is Baby Carter". He only identified himself, didn't find "Mommy" or "Daddy".

We went to visit Great-Grandma Bobbi today. She has not been home the last two times we went to visit. We thought for sure she would be home by now. Carter made her a valentine and he wanted to give it to her personally. So, we went down to visit her at the fun place she is staying at. Carter sat and talked with Grandma for over an hour. She introduced him to all her friends and all the nurses. He was really shy of the men, but loved all the other ladies.

When it was time to leave he had a really hard time. He pushed Grandma to the door saying "Grandma goes with us.". He DID NOT want to leave her there. After he gave her a hug and we walked out the door. He became really upset because he didn't get to give Grandma a kiss. So, we went back to give her a kiss. What a hard thing it was to leave her there.

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