Sunday, March 11, 2012

What an amazing kid, and some pictures I found.

Three weeks ago we went to a bakery with our friends Andrew and Emma. We had a lot of fun. Carter wasn't really phased by the fact that he couldn't eat any of the cute looking cookies. I gave him the option of 2 cookies and a brownie that were wheat free/gluten free. Even though he said he wanted a froggy cookie, he gladly chose a chocolate chip from my options.

A week ago we pulled into a shopping center that had the same style architecture as the bakery did. Carter was so excited, he thought we were at the bakery.

Last night we were at the grocery store and he saw the same brand of cookie that we got to choose from at the bakery. He was so animated, telling me all about how he had that cookie when we went to the bakery. Had he not pointed it out, I don't think I would have remembered. His memory and his observations are AMAZING.

I am putting Carter's second year book together, and trying to clean up my desktop of pictures. I came across some pictures from the summer time that I don't think I put on here. I edited a couple of them last night.

This one was my favorite:

The one above was blurred out so as not to highlight my weeds.

Some of them were edited to avoid shadows. Like these two:

Carter's hand was covering part of the lens, and shadowing his face.

Amazing what PhotoShop will do:

These we took over the summer - at 18 months:

He fell and wouldn't touch the bark:

I loved his facial expressions in these:

 He fell in the grass. You can see he has it all over himself. He was not happy.

Just such a happy boy!

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